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Assyrian Foods

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While Babylon was known for its luxurious culture, Assyria was known for its organized military. Feeding and paying an army are always important and the Assyrians accomplished both at the same time. A soldier's pay was a gallon of bread and onions.

The Assyrians had access to the same foods as the Sumerians and Babylonians. Meat was an important part of their diet, and they were renowned for their ability to breed animals for both meat and transportation. Assyrians were one of the first to begin pickling their food, in addition to drying it. Cheese was possibly one of their favorites; numerous cheese molds were found in the ruins of one of their palaces.

Adding to the diversity of foods, the Assyrians brought people back from each of the areas they conquered. This mixing of different people groups meant that the culture expanded. Now food from other areas of the world also influenced what people ate. Through the Assyrians, the land of the Fertile Crescent became a cosmopolitan world power.

Recipes from Assyria included meat, cheese, and pickled foods.


The pistachios used in this recipe were considered food for royalty.


This dish makes use of the sweet, flavorful date; an important food in the Fertile Crescent.

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