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Aztec Foods

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Because they shared a border, many of the same foods were grown by the Aztecs that were grown by the Mayans. Corn, beans, tomatoes, chilis, and fruit were all a part of the Aztec diet. The Aztecs did hunt and fish; capturing game such as rabbit, deer, and iguanas. Although there was a variety of food, the Aztecs are thought to be the one civilization that depended more on one food item, corn, than any other in the world.

The Aztecs also had a unique way of gardening called , floating gardens built around their lakes. They built a reed bed by planting stakes in the lake bottom and weaving reeds to form a base. They then layered soil onto the prepared reeds, building them up until they were a few feet above the lake and ready for planting. This gardening technique is one of many echoes of the Aztecs that can still be seen in parts of Mexico today.

Recipes from the Aztecs included corn, beans, tomatoes, chilis, and fruit.

Aztec Style Black Bean Soup

This is a tasty and nutritious dish!

Aztec Hot Chocolate

Chocolate was so valued by the Aztecs that cocoa beans were used as a currency!

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