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Foods from Babylon

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

Lush gardens, exotic fruits, and luxurious surroundings earned Babylon its reputation for being the cultural center of the world. Even conquering armies adopted the culture; so as ruling parties changed, Babylon did not. Yet in the midst of all the luxury, they still needed to eat.

The majority of their basic foods were the same as the Sumerians—barley, onions, lentils, cucumbers, and apples. The Babylonians, however, took food production to the next level. Plows were now made of bronze instead of wood, and they contained a funnel that laid down seeds as the plow went through the dirt. The shadul, a machine that moves water from one place to another, allowed them to water crops during the dry season. They developed a domed oven that baked leavened bread to a light and tasty confection.

The Babylonians also included new foods brought by traders and explorers to create dishes that reflected their rich culture. We may never know the true extent of Babylon's opulence, but we can certainly imagine it as we try these dishes.

Recipes from Babylon included barley, onions, lentils, cucumers, and apples.

Cinnamon Date Cake

The date palm tree was important to Babylon. Dates can be eaten fresh, stuffed, or baked, and they are a source for date syrup and date sugar.

Frisee with Apple, Cucumber, and Walnuts

The first know cultivation of the walnut is in Babylon!

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