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The original doughnuts!


Popcorn was a favorite of the Native Americans and soon became a favorite of all Americans.

Dining in Young America

After the Revolutionary War, the United States was a new nation and its citizens soon developed their own identity. Language, art, and literature took on a distinctly American character. Americans began their own food traditions as well.

Along with perfecting new dishes, Americans began new traditions in the way they ate. Elaborate dinner parties, with numerous courses served, often lasted for hours.

These meals were even more extravagant for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Although not yet a national holiday, Americans celebrated the event with large amounts of food. Family members would join together for a day of eating, entertaining, and enjoying one another.

Pumpkin Bread

A delicious example of a "quick bread"— a bread made with baking powder instead of yeast

A photograph of freshly popped pop corn

Young American recipes were used in celebrating events.

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