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Foods from Egypt

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Cooking Up Some World History!

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Egypt built on the system of dikes and canals developed by their ancestors. They soon had an advanced system of hydraulic engineering that allowed them to make the most of the Nile's annual floods. With a reliable water supply and community granaries, the Egyptians were able to grow enough food to provide for people even through droughts.

Like many civilizations, grains and beans were the foods that sustained the Egyptians. Bread was very common and varied greatly; fruits, nuts, and other ingredients were regularly added. Archaeologists have found large bakeries that would have made bread for entire communities. The mild climate and the use of the Nile floodwaters meant that Egypt also had many fruits and vegetables that grew year round.

As its people traveled, they brought new and different foods back to Egypt, so they had the largest variety of foods in the ancient world. Combined with their advanced technology and the benefits of the Nile, it can be said that much of Egypt's success came from its ability to feed its people and to feed them well.

Recipes from Egypt included grains and beans.


The original veggie burger!


This recipe is sweet, so we call it a cake even though it would be similar to the bread made by the Egyptians.

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A photograph of basboosa a semolina cake which is a favorite dessert in many Middle Eastern and North African countries
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