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English Colonial Dishes

English colonists benefited greatly from Native Americans, who taught the colonists how to survive in the New World and how to cook new foods, such as corn. Still, the colonists brought with them many traditional foods and recipes. As the colonies prospered and grew, people brought even more recipes and traditions from the Old World.

While they adapted their recipes to include the foods of the New World, the dishes closely resembled the same dishes from home. The colonists brought their own fruits and vegetables to plant in the New World and continued to use them in their cooking.

The colonists brought their European recipes. The New World provided interesting new ingredients. The Native Americans taught skills and techniques. All of these things combined to create a new and distinct tradition of food; a perfect companion to the new and distinct country that was forming.

Rock Candy

A bit of crystallized goodness!

Shrewsbury Cakes

Brought to the New World from England, these cakes look a lot more like what Americans think of as cookies.

Pea Soup

This soup combines an Old World ingredient, peas, with a New World ingredient, potatoes.

English Colonial recipes included new foods, such as corn.

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