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Bunny Salad

Dressing up food to make it more fun and interesting was popular during the 1930s.

Meatless Meatloaf

This is a tasty way to do without meat!

Creamed Peas on Toast

Growing your own peas and making your own bread meant that you could provide a good meal for your family.

Great Depression Foods

Get these historical recipes

and 47 more!

Cooking Up Some American History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of American History!

The 1930s, marked by the twin disasters of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, saw deep changes in the American diet.

Many of the convenience foods that had grown in popularity in the 1920s became too expensive for the average person. People drank less milk for the same reason. Fresh fruit was rare and expensive. Many families cut back to two meals a day. Those meals rarely contained meat. Soups and stews were popular because they could be stretched, and they were often made from whatever ingredients were available—even if those ingredients were weeds like dandelions and milkweed. Starvation was a real threat. Soup lines became the iconic image of the Depression.

Great Depression recipes helped Americans make the most of their limited food supplies.

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