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Incan Foods

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

The Incas' land ranged from high mountains to coastal plains. They invented a complicated system of terraced fields on the sides of mountains. Called , these terraces were built like stairs on the sides of hills too steep to plow. They filled the terraces with fertile soil and grew vegetables in high elevations. Some of the  are still in use today.

The Incas carefully regulated food production and distribution. They had storehouses throughout their country and always had three to seven years of food stored. They also had centers dedicated to researching and developing new plants. The potato was the Incas' crowning achievement in agriculture. They had 240 varieties of potatoes and a unique way to preserve them. Called , they used nature to freeze-dry the potatoes.

Their agricultural accomplishments have reached well into the 21st century. Many of the vegetables the Incas developed are found in our modern markets.

Recipes from the Incans included potatoes and the grain, quinoa.

Inca Potato Salad

This recipe makes use of chili powder, a favorite condiment of the Incans.

Quinoa Pilaf

Quinoa is a grain native to the land of the Incas.

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