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Kings and Tsars Food

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

The kings of Europe were instrumental in encouraging the Age of Exploration. They gave the permission and often the money for explorers to travel the world. One of the benefits of this was they had first access to the wealth of the New World. This wealth contributed to the food revolution that occurred during this time.

Lavish banquets were still a part of the royal lifestyle. There were changes, however. The exotic foods from the New World were at first expensive and so it was the royalty who could afford them. As the types of food changed, so did the style of eating. Instead of just one or two plates of food from which everyone ate, separate platters began to be used for each dish. It became uncouth to use your own spoon to dish food from a platter, so separate serving utensils were developed. Eventually, it became popular to serve each course on an individual plate, one for each diner. The wealth of the ruling class was also shown in the materials of these utensils; gold, silver and porcelain were some of the more popular mediums.

As the kings and tsars of this time fought to rule their specific part of the world, the cuisine of their nations became specific themselves. This was a time when countries began to create distinctions from each other and their food was no different. Even though these dishes come from different cultures, you can be sure that you are eating like royalty when you try them!

Recipes fit for royalty!


This sweet dish is a traditional food in Spain and a good example of what might have been eaten by the King and his royal court.

Salade de Roguette aux Poires et Rogueforte

Louis the XIV was passionate for vegetables. Here's a delicious salad with pears and blue cheese.

Cooking Up Some World History cookbook front cover
A photograph of a Salade de Roguette aux Poires et Rogueforte, a delicious salad with pears and blue cheese


Russian royalty had lavish banquets and they included people of all classes!

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