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Mayan Foods

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

The Mayans used agriculture to build their civilization. They cleared vast amounts of land by cutting down trees and burning them, using the ashes to enrich the soil for planting. The main tool they used was a  (a fire-hardened stick), which they would use to dig holes. Reservoirs and cisterns were used to hold water for the dry season. Above ground cribs were used to store crops after harvest.

The ancient Mayans grew a variety of crops, such as potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peanuts and chili peppers. Their most important crop was maize, or corn. It provided enough food to support all the people, and was eaten at every meal. They also domesticated turkeys and ducks and were expert bee-keepers.

Although the great Mayan civilization did not survive, there are many people today in Central America who are descendants of this ancient people, who continue some of their traditions.

Recipes from Maya include potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peanuts and chili peppers.

New Corn Stuffed Tamales

This dish is delicious and portable!

Sikil Pac

This salsa makes use of squash seeds, another important vegetable for the Mayans.

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