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A Native American staple. Most cooked a version of this simple bread made from cornmeal.


A delicious and nutritious dish made with squash, corn, and beans.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Native Americans made efficient use of their food resources, like using the seeds from pumpkins.

Native American Foods

Long before Europeans came to the New World, Native Americans feasted on an abundance of wild game and plants. Deer and buffalo were plentiful, as were fish in the streams and oceans. There was a multitude of roots, berries, fruits, and vegetables. The land fed millions, for millennia. Native Americans were experts at using what the land provided.

Many Native Americans were also skilled farmers, growing crops that helped sustain their tribes through the winter. The practice of growing corn, beans, and squash together, known as the "Three Sisters," is a good example of Native American agriculture ingenuity. The corn grows tall to support the beans and the squash covers the ground to hold water and prevent weeds. The three work together to help each other grow.

Native Americans shared their food and food-getting skills with the colonists; generosity that allowed the newcomers to survive in the New World.

A photograph of toasted pumpkin seeds used in Native American recipes

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Native American recipes used what the land provided.

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