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Nineteenth Century Food

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

The beginning of the Nineteenth Century was difficult for many. The food available was based entirely on how much money a person had. However, by the middle of the century there was a growing prosperity in much of the world and that prosperity is reflected in food.

Extravagant dinner parties featured nine course meals, with each dish featuring the finest ingredients. Manners and customs were strictly defined and practiced by every class. The Duchess of Bedford complained of a "sinking feeling" between the light lunches and late dinners of the time. Her desire for tea and cakes to be served mid-afternoon soon became a popular ritual. Ladies had another opportunity to display their silver and china during their afternoon tea.

This was also a time for innovations in the kitchen. New technology brought mason jars and sterilization to homes, so people could preserve their food without drying or pickling. Can openers became common as canned foods became popular. The first culinary schools opened, breaking the tradition of learning to cook from your mother. Cookbooks continued to be popular, only now recipes featured measurements and directions instead of just a list of ingredients.

Recipes from the Nineteenth Century

Sponge Cake

A flavorful cake since the 1850s.

Cucumber Sandwiches

A dainty tea-time snack!

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