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Potato Salad

In the 1960s, potato salad was standard fare in students' lunchboxes.

Popular Dishes of the 1960s

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Cooking Up Some American History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of American History!

Some of the food changes of the 1960s came from celebrities. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy popularized elaborate dinners. Soon people across America were preparing and enjoying their own fancy dinner parties. In 1963, Julia Child debuted her enormously popular cooking show, and French cooking became the rage.

Not all of the changes were in fine dining. Vegetarianism gained popularity as part of the new trend in healthy eating. Frieda Caplan, a produce entrepreneur, brought exotic fruits, like mangos and kiwis, to the American dinner table. Salad bars started showing up in restaurants. People grew more interested in authentic ethnic foods. Fast food restaurants continued their growth across the country, and new junk foods were introduced.

Popular recipes of the 1960s were served at fancy dinner parties.

Cooking Up Some American History cookbook front cover

Cheese Fondue

Dishes that used an open flame for a spectacular finish became popular at many dinner parties and restaurants.

Tomato Delight

Vegetarians had to search out their own recipes during the 1960s, like this delicious one!

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