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Recipes of the 1970s

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Cooking Up Some American History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of American History!

Small appliance technology boomed in the 1970s. Cuisinart marketed the first food processor. This little machine was a revolution in the kitchen. Cooks everywhere could now chop, mix, and puree with ease, creating dishes that were impractical, if not impossible, beforehand. Crock-Pot released their slow cooker, allowing busy families to come home to a fully cooked meal.

Perhaps the most influential cooking technology of the decade was the microwave oven. While home models were available as early as the 1950s, they were large and expensive. Technological innovation reduced both size and price, and by 1975 microwave ovens were outselling electric ovens. The kitchen hasn't been the same since.

In the 1970s, people became increasingly concerned about chemicals and pesticides used on farms. The idea of organic food—food grown and prepared with no artificial chemicals—gained popularity.

Popular recipes of the 1970s began using organic foods.

Cooking Up Some American History cookbook front cover

Cucumber, Mango, and

Red Onion Salad

This salad shows that simple, natural foods can be both satisfying to the eye as well as the appetite.

Deviled Eggs

These eggs were not invented in the 1970s, but they graced many American tables during that decade.

Lucy Lemon Squares

This dessert is delicious no matter what shape it takes!

A photograph of lucy lemon squares a delicious dessert
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