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Hasty Pudding

A popular dish that stretched the available foods—often in short supply during wartime—as well as using local ingredients like maple sugar and molasses.


When rations were low, Firecake was distributed in an effort to stretch supplies and keep the flour from spoiling.


This was George Washington's favorite breakfast!

Revolutionary War Foods

During the Revolutionary War, the growing, gathering, and hunting of food remained vital activities. Farmers grew vegetables and grains. Root vegetables such as potatoes were popular because they were easily stored. Grains, like wheat and barley, were used for breads and ale. Pickling and preserving were common in an effort to store enough food for the winter. Domesticated animals were also a part of most households. Most men would spend time hunting wild game and fishing.

A photograph of George Washington

Revolutionary War recipes used root vegetables because they were easily stored.

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