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Butter Wafers

A sweet treat. These cookie-like wafers were a Spanish delicacy.


In Spanish, "salsa" means sauce.

Corn Tortillas

Corn forms the basis for many South and Central American foods. The most basic and famous of these is the tortilla.

Spanish Colonial Foods

The Spanish were among the first European explorers of the New World and the first Europeans to taste traditional Central and South American foods that combine chiles, tomatoes, and spices. As they colonized the Americas, the Spanish eagerly explored the new foods available to them, eating the same dishes as the natives.

The Spanish shared these exciting foods with Europe. In fact, many of the things we eat today that are associated with European nations actually came from the Americas. Swiss chocolate, Irish potatoes, and French vanilla are all plants that originated in Central and South America. The Spanish colonists not only found new territory, they discovered a whole new menu.

A photograph of a stack of corn toritillas used in South and Central American recipes

Spanish Colonial recipes combined chiles, tomatoes, and spices.

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