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Sumerian Foods

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Famous for its cuneiform writing, Sumer is the first known city of the Fertile Crescent. Because of the records the Sumerians left behind on their clay tablets, much is known about their daily lives. Pictures of elaborate banquets show that food was an important part of their culture.

Other tablets record the first known recipes. Still others list over 800 types of foods, including more than 300 types of breads. Baking bread was a specialty of the ancient Sumerians. They developed a special oven; it was about three feet tall and shaped like a cone. The oven was heated until the outside was the right temperature. Then, people would throw dough against the outside walls of the oven, where it would stick until cooked.

The Sumerian diet also included many herbs and spices, cheeses, and meats. While some of the dishes, like roasted grasshoppers, are not likely to appeal to diners today, we can agree with them on the importance of food.

Sumerian recipes included many herbs and spices, cheeses, and meats.

Onion Pie

The Sumerians ate many vegetables, but their favorite was the onion.

Apple and Barley Bread

Barley is native to the Fertile Crescent and one of the grain crops domesticated by early settlers.

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