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Potato Floddie

Growing your own potatoes in your victory garden meant that you could provide a tasty, filling meal without worrying about rationed food.

Syrup Loaf

This bread has no sugar or eggs!

Honey Cake

During World War II, when sugar was scarce, this cake was made with honey.

World War II Foods

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Cooking Up Some American History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of American History!

Food was rationed by the government during World War II. Families received books of ration coupons to use to purchase sugar, butter, coffee, cheese, meat, canned goods, and other staples. The purpose of rationing was twofold: to ensure soldiers had enough to eat and to ensure scarce foodstuffs were distributed fairly among on the home front.

Victory gardens—home vegetable gardens planted to increase the food supply—were extremely popular. By 1945 there were 20 million victory gardens in the United States, and they provided nearly half of the country's vegetables.

World War II recipes helped families stretch their food supply.

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A photograph of a freshly baked honey cake a dessert from World War II
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