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World Wars I and II Food

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Cooking Up Some World History!

50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

As the world struggled through the Depression and World Wars, people banded together to help each other. During the Depression there were soup kitchens and bread lines. People brought the food they had and gathered for potluck dinners to share their food. During the wars, the magazines and newspapers printed recipes that featured foods that were available with rationing. In England they "Dug for Victory" by planting vegetable gardens; these were called Victory Gardens in the United States.

It was rationing and lack of available food that defined the meals eaten during this time. After an influx of new foods, grocery stores, and commercially prepared foods, people returned to simpler meals. Traditional staples like bread and potatoes became the mainstays of most diets. Stews and soups were easy ways to stretch the small amount of meat available. Homemade goods were once more the norm. During the Depression, people ate fewer meals.

Throughout these hardships, people did not complain. They knew that there were other people suffering more. They agreed that the troops fighting in the trenches needed the supplies. Many even sent food to the troops to supplement the dehydrated food they were eating. As you try these recipes, remember the men and women who did without so we don't have to.

Recipes from World Wars I and II

Woolton Pie

This dish was named after Lord Woolton, head of the food department in England.

Mock Goose

Food disguises and 'mock' dishes became very popular during the depression and the wars.

Cooking Up Some World History cookbook front cover
A photograph of Woolton Pie, a dish widely served in Britain in the Second World War
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